Nowadays,  Women Bags has been probably the most important thing for every woman. Ladies hold a bag on their arm in every single place,  attending a party, having a vocation and for causal wandering as well. Because of this, Michael Kors bags have become unfortunate victims of counterfeiters all over the world. Unless you purchase your Michael Kors handbag from a Michael Kors boutique or approved retailer, you run the risk of purchasing a counterfeit bag. Before you make that purchase, take a few minutes to determine whether or not the bag is authentic.

• Ask for a receipt. If you are buying a Michael Kors handbag from a third party, such as an online auction site or from a yard sale, ask the seller to provide a receipt. While the seller may not be able to produce a receipt, if she does you can verify the authenticity of the bag by seeing where it was purchased and comparing the item description to the bag.

• Check the hardware on the bag. All Michael Kors bags feature the words “Michael Kors” in all capital letters on the zipper. A tell-tale sign of a counterfeit Michael Kors bag is one with lowercase letters or incorrect spelling. All hardware is the same color throughout the bag; either gold or silver. Check that each piece of hardware from the zippers to the MK circles to the studs are all the same color throughout the bag. If you aren’t sure whether or not your bag should have gold or silver hardware throughout you can refer to the Michael Kors website to find a photo of the bag to double-check. 

• Look at the interior label tag, which is a leather tag the same color as the bag. On the tag you will see the word “Michael” in all capital letters with the words “Michael Kors” underneath, also in all capital letters.

• Check for the Michael Kors care card, which is located inside the interior pocket of your Michael Kors bag. The care card is a tan color card with a white outline that portrays the words “Michael” in all capital letters along with the words “Michael Kors” directly below on the front and the care instructions on the back. The care instructions tell you what material the bag is made from and how to care for and clean that particular bag. A missing or incorrect care card is a dead giveaway of a knockoff bag.

• Consider the price of the bag. Typically, the price of a Michael Kors bag ranges anywhere from the hundreds to the thousands depending on the type of bag, style of bag and size of the bag. Because of the quality of the bag and the craftsmanship used to create them you will not find a brand-new Michael Kors bag for deeply discounted prices online or from a street vendor.

• Contact the seller for an additional photo of the bag if you are buying the bag online. Typically, online sellers in the business of selling designer replicas have standard photos and cannot provide an additional photo because they are not actually in possession of the bag. In addition, if the seller is vague about answering your questions or is selling dozens or hundreds of the same bag, it is probably a fake.

• Check the material. While Michael Kors bags are made from a variety of different materials they are all of high-end quality. Michael Kors bags are not made from cheap, inexpensive or sub par materials such as pleather or cotton. This is a giveaway that the bag is not real.

Tips & Warnings

If you still aren’t sure whether or not a bag is authentic you can take it to any Michael Kors boutique for authentication purposes.